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Windsor International Airport (YQG) is an ideal full-service airport with everything your cargo airline needs to operate here.

Perfectly situated on an international border between Canada and the U.S., the Airport is a unique transportation asset to the region. Located within 500 miles of key population centers and the largest industrial cargo catchment area in the Canada and U.S., the area comprises over 100 million people with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) output exceeding $4 billion. YQG is the ideal cargo airport for all your needs.

To learn more about basing your cargo operations at YQG, please download our Cargo Brochure (PDF)

Multi-modal opportunity

Map showing YQG's relative location

Better at Business: Cargo Advantages at YQG

The competitive advantages of establishing your logistics and transportation business at the Windsor International Airport include:

  • Abundance of developable land dedicated to cargo activity. The available land has excellent accessibility to airfield and transportation routes;
  • YQG’s airport fees, land lease rates, air navigation fees and facility/operating costs are among the lowest in Canada;
  • Canadian Customs services and bonded warehousing for international cargo available;
  • Runways and aprons can accommodate any size aircraft, such as the Antonov AN 124;
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul services available 24/7 upon request (can accommodate up to 747 aircraft);
  • Catering and other ground support close at hand;
  • Canada’s southernmost climate allows for reduced de-icing costs, flight delays and environmental concerns;
  • Close proximity to largest aviation markets in Canada and the U.S.

Airport Land Adjacent to:

  • CN Intermodal Facility;
  • CPR and CSX (Potential Intermodal Facility);
  • Two Major Canadian and U.S. Highway Connectors (I-75 and Hwy 401);
  • NAFTA, Asia Pacific Corridor (Future Rail & Truck Corridor);
  • Lawrence Seaway for ocean going vessels and the 3rd largest deep-water Great Lakes port.

YQG offers full support services, equipment and facilities to ensure efficient movement of shipments, aircraft and crew:

  • Control Tower operational daily from 6:30 am – 10:30 pm;
  • Airfield open (uncontrolled) in off hours with no established curfews;
  • Comprehensive ramp services including fuel and de-icing (Types 1 & 4) for all aircraft types;
  • Aircraft fire fighting and security available continuously upon request.

International Transshipment Program

A parked plane

The Windsor International Airport participates in the international air cargo transshipment program, which allows air cargo to be moved through the airport for shipment to third countries. The program enables the Canadian Transportation Agency to authorize any foreign air carrier to use the Windsor International Airport (YQG) to transship international air cargo, even if these rights are not provided in Canada’s bilateral air transport agreements.

More information on the international transshipment program is available on the Government of Canada website

Service Providers

Air-Way Aviation

Phone: +1 (519) 972-7244

Unicom 131.10

Fax: +1 (519) 972-7744

Air-Way Aviation provides cargo services at the Windsor International Airport for numerous logistic firms and carriers, capable of handling all ramp services, general handling, customs documentation processing, building and breakdown of pallets, de-icing, hotel accommodations, crew transportation, catering and grooming.

SkyLink Express

Skylink Express

Phone: +1 (800) 565-5359 x9

SkyLink Express operates Canada’s leading regional express feeder network and provides 24-hour air cargo charters throughout North America. It operates a fleet of 16 well-maintained Cessna C208B Grand Caravans / Super Cargomasters and Raytheon factory converted Beech 1900C freighters for reliable, cost-effective, freighter operations. It can handle cargo payloads up to 5500 lbs. and volume up to 840 cu. ft. SkyLink Express is a bonded (U.S. and Canada) and Customs compliant (CBP AMS and CBSA ACI) air carrier for international cargo shipments. SkyLink is a Dangerous Goods certified air carrier for domestic/international transportation of HAZMAT shipments and SMS compliant air carrier with strong safety culture.

Land Development

The 20-year Airport Master Plan identifies air cargo and multi-modal logistics services as potential future Airport land development uses. Windsor’s cargo development area is ‘shovel-ready’ with easy access to all services, taxiway and runways, as well as access to the City road network.

For more information, please contact the Business Development Office at +1 (519) 969-2430